Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A Holiday Harvest of Fun: Succos - Simchas Torah '15

"Flakey" Jake invites you to join us in the beautiful Catskills region as we celebrate a holiday harvest of fun with our 2015 Succos - Simchas Torah program at the historic upstate New York Hudson Valley Resort & Spa!

You'll enjoy a welcome hospitality, Shiurim, lectures, lavish tea room, daycamp, babysitting, round robin seating for singles, spectacular nightly Chol Homoed entertainment, a magic show, and more!


Catering by Rueven Osherovitz of "Besser" foods; Glatt kosher-Cholov Yisroel, Supervision provided by Rabbi Moshe Teitielbaum of Marine Park - Mashgiach Temedi Rabbi Ahron Gruner

Rabbi Chaim Szmidt - Host of the Internet Radio Show "The Kosher Scene" - Editor-in-Chief  of "The Kosher Scene" blog

Zev Brenner - Pres./CEO of the ever-popular Talklines Communications - America's leading Jewish broadcast network

Dr. Adena Berkowitz, scholar in residence, Kol Haneshamah NYC

Rabbi Sensei Gary Moskowitz -  Founder / Director of Martial Arts Therapy for kids combating diseases and disabilities and President of Macabi Film Productions 

Gabrielle Strauss - Biblical Author and Poet of:
- "Noach: Stranded and Branded"
- "Korach: The Pit and the Petulant"
- "Balak: The Curse and the Courtship"

Chazan Motty Edelkopf, Cedarhurst, NY

Faigee Sash - Israeli/ Simcha Folk Dancing instructor

First Days (9/27-9/29 or 9/30), Last Days (10/4-10/6 or 10/7),
with FULL STAYS available!

- Round trip buses are available from Brooklyn and NYC for only $50 -
- Tuesday nite Sleepover only $50 /adult, $10/child under 17 in same room -

Call "Flakey" Jake at (718) 436-0682 (1-11 PM) for more information or to reserve your stay today!